2022 Faculty by Week

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Instrument Week 1
July 10-17
Week 2
July 17-24
Week 3
July 24-31
Week 4
July 31-August 7
Music Director Tobias Werner Tobias Werner Tobias Werner Tobias Werner

Senior Composer-in-Residence

Donald Crockett Donald Crockett Donald Crockett
Composers' Forum Coordinator Tobias Werner
Violin Mayuki Fukuhara
Amy Galluzzo
Sheila Reinhold
Judith Eissenberg
Amy Galluzzo
Sheila Reinhold
Lina Bahn
Shem Guibbory
James Stern
Amy Galluzzo
Shem Guibbory
Andrea Schultz
Masako Yanagita
Viola Marka Gustavsson
David Rose
Kate Vincent Nicholas Cords Kate Vincent Korine Fujiwara
Lisa Whitfield

Jan Müller-Szeraws

Maxine Neuman

Jan Müller-Szeraws

Lutz Rath
Tobias Werner
Michael Finckel
Maxine Neuman
Tobias Werner
Michael Finckel
Maxine Neuman
Carol Ou
Double Bass Jessica Powell Eig Jessica Powell Eig Lewis Paer
Flute Conor Nelson Conor Nelson
Oboe Jacqueline Leclair*
Clarinet Pavel Vinnitsky Garrick Zoeter Garrick Zoeter Michael Dumouchel
Bassoon Stephanie Corwin Gilbert Dejean Stephen Walt
Horn Daniel Grabois Daniel Grabois
Piano Xak Bjerken

James Goldsworthy**

Phillip Bush
Frank Daykin
Audrey Andrist

Genevieve Feiwen Lee

Lura Johnson

Genevieve Feiwen Lee


Kurt Rohde Donald Crockett Elizabeth Ogonek

Guest Composer

Han Lash
Guest Faculty Tobias Werner Leander Star
Christina Bonatakis Gustav Highstein Tobias Werner
* Patricia Stenberg Oboe Chair
** Marya Sielska Piano Chair

The Chamber Music Conference and Composers’ Forum of the East, Inc.
Tobias Werner, Music Director
Donald Crockett, Senior Composer-in-Residence
Susie Ikeda, Executive Director

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