About Coaching Requests

A major avenue for influencing your experience at the Conference is through coaching requests, and we encourage all participants to make them. The guidelines below are to help you make requests in a timely and sufficiently detailed fashion, so that we are able to take them into account when designing your schedule for the summer. Please note that it's important to submit requests every year, including information you may have provided us in the past.

How to Submit Your Requests

Due to the pandemic, some aspects of the Conference are different in 2021 than in the past, and our guidelines for requests have changed substantially. It is essential that you read the rest of this page carefully before you submit your requests.

Instead of submitting requests by email, please use this online form to submit requests.

Please include your complete request in the form and submit it only once.

Request Deadline

The deadline for all requests in 2021 is the same as the application deadline: Sunday, May 9, 2021 (11:59pm EDT).

Pandemic-Related Implications on Works and Instrumentation

As noted in the 2021 Application Form, this year we are limiting group sizes to five or fewer, and we are not mixing wind instruments with others (strings and piano).

General Information

Any information you can give us about the types of groups you might prefer is helpful, including information such as specific composers you like, composition time periods, faculty you've enjoyed working with, or instrumentations you prefer. While we can't guarantee that these requests will be met, they can help guide us in making groups that are a good fit, and we do try hard to give everyone something they're likely to really enjoy.

Specific Works

Having a robust list of pieces you like is very helpful to us. However, please only request works for which you own the score and the parts, or for which you know you can quickly and easily acquire both score and parts. If your request is scheduled, you will be listed as a source of both the score and the parts. Scores are not optional. Other players will contact you if they cannot find a score and part on their own; being listed as the source is a definite time commitment on your part. We greatly appreciate requests for music you own but might otherwise be hard to obtain, since it's difficult to schedule them otherwise. In considering works for your list, please note the following:

For each work on your list, please include these details:

Note for Pianists

If you are a pianist, we encourage you to list specific works so that we know what you will be comfortable with. You can ask us to give highest priority to the works for which you are best prepared. (Some of our regular pianists begin preparing works before leaving campus the prior year.) As with all requests, we like to have some flexibility. Ideally we'd like each pianist to list at least two trios, two quartets, and two quintets. If you'd like to repeat a work you've worked on in the past, include it among your requests.

Sometimes we have to create groups to play works that the pianist has not requested, so pianists should expect to have to learn at least part of their coaching load from scratch.

Pre-arranged Groups

Unfortunately, due to the need for flexibility and timeliness in scheduling the Conference during these unprecedented times, we are unable to accommodate pre-arranged groups in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the Scheduling FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about the scheduling process for coached groups.

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