2017 Faculty by Week

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Instrument Week 1
July 16-23
Week 2
July 23-30
Week 3
July 30-August 6
Week 4
August 6-13
Music Director Tobias Werner Tobias Werner Tobias Werner Tobias Werner

Senior Composer-in-Residence

Donald Crockett Donald Crockett Donald Crockett
Violin James Buswell
Sonya Chung
Amy Galluzzo*
Charles Wetherbee*
Sheila Reinhold
Kristopher Tong
Susan Waterbury
Mayuki Fukuhara
Amy Galluzzo
Shem Guibbory
Eriko Sato
Diana Cohen
Shem Guibbory
Eriko Sato
Andrea Schultz
James Stern Masako Yanagita
Viola Amadi Azikiwe
Korine Fujiwara*
Désirée Elsevier
Lisa Whitfield
Amadi Azikiwe
Lisa Whitfield
Veronica Salas
Cello Carol Ou*
Ashima Scripp
Claire Bryant
Maxine Neuman
Nathaniel Parke
Tobias Werner
Michael Finckel
Maxine Neuman
Lutz Rath
James Wilson
Michael Finckel
Maxine Neuman
Tobias Werner
Double Bass Anthony Manzo Karl Doty
Flute Sue Ann Kahn Sue Ann Kahn Conor Nelson
Oboe Jacqueline Leclair Matt Sullivan** Jacqueline Leclair
Clarinet Michael Dumouchel Jo-Ann Sternberg Benjamin Fingland Todd Palmer
Bassoon Lauren Stubbs Stephen Walt
Horn Joseph Anderer Daniel Grabois
Piano James Goldsworthy

Genevieve Feiwen Lee

Stephen Manes***
Elizabeth Wright
Read Gainsford
Paul Nitsch

Victor Santiago Asuncion

Frank Daykin
David Oei


Marc Mellits Susan Botti Harold Meltzer
Guest Faculty Tobias Werner Styra Avins Virginia Anderer
James Stubbs
Tobias Werner
Cynthia Adler
Robert Merfeld
Perri Morris
Lutz Rath

Guest Faculty Emeritus

Joel Berman Joel Berman Joel Berman
* Carpe Diem String Quartet
** Patricia Stenberg Oboe Chair
*** Marya Sielska Piano Chair

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Tobias Werner, Music Director
Donald Crockett, Senior Composer-in-Residence
Marilyn Bell, Executive Director

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