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Even though we can’t be together physically this summer, we are thinking of you and looking for ways to keep our Conference community bonded as thoughtful and inquisitive musicians. To that end, we are excited to present this series of videos from our outstanding CMC faculty, each one considering a different chamber music related topic. Enjoy!

CMC Presents: Conor Nelson, Practice Your Love for Music

Flutist Conor Nelson inspires us to foster our musical health by enlivening the space of our practice rooms and practicing with love and joy.

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CMC Presents: Lisa Whitfield, Tips for a Positive Chamber Music Experience

Violist shares some gems of wisdom to help us have our best chamber music experiences.

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CMC Presents: Phillip Bush, Internalizing the Other Parts in Chamber Music

Pianist Phillip Bush on becoming a seamless collaborator by internalizing the other parts and imagining the physicality of playing the other instruments.

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CMC Presents: Tobias Werner, How to Prepare a Piece of Chamber Music

Cellist and Music Director Tobias Werner shares strategies for preparing a piece you haven’t played before, whether it’s just new to you or new to the world.

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CMC Presents: Daniel Grabois, You’ve Got Rhythm

Hornist Daniel Grabois sheds light on the importance of rhythm and the ways in which we all naturally express rhythm.

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CMC Presents: Frank Daykin, The Sonic Picture Frame

Pianist Frank Daykin shares his thoughts on determining and working with a musical climat.

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CMC Presents: Jacqueline Leclair, Is This Possible?

Oboist Jacqueline Leclair gives us perspective on making the impossible possible.

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CMC Presents: Sheila Reinhold, Giving a Good Cue

Violinist Sheila Reinhold discusses and demonstrates good cueing in chamber music.

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